Self-funded Scheme

The self-financing scheme refers to active students at UIII responsible to cover all academic and personal expenses. Self-financed students are obliged to pay the tuition fee and other costs related to academic and research affairs.

The tuition fee for the 2024/2025 Academic Year accumulates to:

  • Master’s program costs IDR twenty-five million (Rp 25.000.000) per semester
  • Doctoral program costs IDR thirty million (Rp 30.000.000) per semester

This tuition fee must be paid before course registration at the beginning of each semester. Students are encouraged to be up to date with the Course Registration dates on our Academic Calendar.

When do overseas students pay?

According to the Indonesian immigration system, UIII must ensure that self-financed international students possess adequate funds to cover their tuition fees, living expenses, and health insurance. The university will enforce the following requirements:

  • Self-financed international students must settle 100% of their semester tuition fees before receiving a visa application.
  • Self-financed international students must send a bank account statement as evidence of adequate funds in possession (min. 2000 USD).

Late payments

Late payments will affect your status as an active student. The implication of unpaid tuition fees is the inability to register for courses.

Funding advice

If you need financial guidance or are facing financial challenges, please reach out to our Department of Academic Affairs and Human Resources.