Application Requirements

Applicants are required to submit the following documents after completing the application form:

  • Undergraduate or Master’s certificate
  • Undergraduate or Master’s academic transcript
  • Statement of purpose
  • Full curriculum vitae (in tabular form)
  • English language proficiency certificate
  • Arabic language proficiency certificate (for applicants to the Faculty of Islamic Studies only)
  • Two reference (recommendation) letters
  • Brief research proposal (for doctoral students)
  • Academic writing sample (for doctoral students)

There will be three main application processes: administrative selection, desk review, and interview.

a.     Administrative Selection

At this stage, UIII will review the completion of all the documents submitted. Therefore, UIII Selection Committee will only process applicants who have submitted all required documents.

b.     Desk Review

At this stage, all application documents will be substantively reviewed by the Selection Committee for shortlisting. The relevance and strength of the applicant's background will be assessed. Desk review will result in applicant shortlisting. Applicants shortlisted for selection interview(s) will be informed via email.

c.     Interview

Applicants will be assessed on their suitability for the admissions based on the strength of their applications and their performance in the selection interview(s). An interview is a great opportunity to demonstrate why the applicant should be selected as a UIII Student. The panel consists of the relevant faculty members who will assess your competency, experience, and prospect. Applicants will be asked a series of questions discussing some of the information in the application form. In addition, the panel will ask questions that will enable applicants to explain their personal and professional aspirations and how UIII can facilitate their achievement of these goals. The interviews will be conducted online via Zoom Cloud Meetings.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed in their invitation email for an interview. Please ensure that you are available to attend the interviews to be considered for admission. Your application will be withdrawn if you are unable to attend any scheduled selection interview(s) without a valid reason.