Teaching and Learning Environment

Students and lecturers are major components in UIII’s institutional development to become an international higher education institution.

  • To develop Islamic higher education in Indonesia, good development strategies for these two components will be the key to UIII's success. Given its importance, the qualification required of potential students by the Indonesian International Islamic University is different from the requirements at General Higher Education Institutions and Islamic Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia.
  • UIII applies high academic standards to all potential students. This strategy ensures that they will be able to achieve the exacting learning goals. As with other top-line higher education institutions in developed countries, the Indonesian International Islamic University has high expectations for participants in graduate and doctoral programs. Therefore, potential UIII students are required to fulfill main academic qualifications, such as a good academic background, language skills, and experience in research based on their selected field of study field.
  • UIII applies high academic standards for all potential lecturers to ensure that teaching and research are conducted in line with international standards. Lecturer positions at UIII are open to domestic and overseas lecturers who meet the qualifications by, among others, possessing the highest academic degree (Dr.), having a record of accomplishment in research that includes published books or international journals, and having the expertise needed by the Indonesian International Islamic University.