UIII has designed the curriculum in each department by referring to academic benchmarks, which have become the norms in leading general higher education institutions. This will ensure that UIII graduates are not only superior at the national level but also able to be a part of academic activities in the international academic community.

  • In general, graduate programs at the Indonesian International Islamic University are intended to produce scientists on par with research associates (peneliti madya). Students of such programs are directed to conduct an in-depth study of the grand theory in their respective fields of study. They must also delve deeper into more specific theories (such as the Meso theory) related to their sub-specialization interests. Furthermore, they will be provided with knowledge of the methodology underlying the scientific construct of the study program. It should be noted that a graduate student is not expected to pick a specialization, but the student is encouraged to pick an area of interest, which can later be developed into a specialization at the doctoral level. To that end, they can choose from a considerable number of elective courses on which to later develop a theme of their interest.
  • Meanwhile, doctoral programs at the UIII are designed to produce expert thinkers and researchers. Doctoral students are required to fully master the main theories of the study program they have selected. They must also correctly understand all of the more specific theories relating to their field or specialization. At this level, students must already understand and be able to fully apply methodologies developed in their respective disciplines. Compared to the graduate programs, the UIII doctoral programs require complete mastery at the level of theory and methodology, as well as in-depth knowledge regarding the sub-field or specialization of the student’s primary interest. Graduates of doctoral programs are being prepared to become expert researchers who can innovate and generate new thoughts and findings.
  • Potential students may not be able to meet all of the main requirements above at the same time, so a matriculation program is needed. UIII also holds a matriculation program in each field of study for potential students whose science background differs from the study program in which they want to enroll. Essentially, all of the study programs at the university will prioritize potential students whose study fields are aligned with their backgrounds. This is based on the expectation that the accepted students are ready to enter the specialization program. Thus, they will no longer be preoccupied with mastering the basic knowledge of the science field in which they will enroll.