UIII is located at:

Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII)
Jalan Raya Bogor KM. 33.5, Cisalak, Kec. Sukmajaya,
Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16416

It is located approximately 60 km (37.3 miles) from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Here is a list of taxi services that run from the airport to UIII:

  • Blue Bird Taxi and Golden Bird Car Rentals

You may also use private arrangements between you and a friend.

Buses and Angkot (Microbuses)

Buses and microbuses are the main public transportation that operates in Depok City designated by colors and numbers referring to a specific destination. Always consult with the bus’s and microbuses’ drivers concerning your destination before boarding. We recommend you to take taxis for your local transportation before you get yourselves adapted to the fare and route of both the buses and the microbuses.


There are many taxicab companies in Depok City and you should be able to hail a cab off the street from wherever you are. However, we highly recommend you to take some most trusted taxi companies. On the UIII campus, you might have to call a cab in advance to pick you up, rather than signaling to one in the street. Taxicabs have meters that register the fare a passenger must pay. If you feel you have been overcharged, be sure to copy down the name of the driver and cab company and call the company’s dispatcher immediately after completing your trip. It is customary to pay an additional 10 to 20 percent of the fare as a tip.

  • Blue Bird Taxi
    Phone: (+62)21-7989000
  • Express Group
    Phone: 1500122
    [Line 1: Regular Taxi]

All companies have comparable rates.

App-Based Transport Services

You can also find start-up-based transportation in Depok. Two major online applications in Indonesia are Gojek and Grab. Like Uber, you simply need to download the online app on your smartphone to use it. Enter your pick-up place and destination; then the app will give you the fare you need to pay. Taking transportation online is a great way to navigate around the city as it can give you a quick ride at a fair price. As Uber, these apps also offer other services, such as food delivery, grocery shopping, and even package delivery.

Ojek (Motorcycle Taxi)

In Depok, there are many ojek drivers waiting next to the streets to take people to their destinations. While cars and taxis usually come to a complete halt in busy traffic, the motorcycle can often find its way through the narrow passages between cars and is, therefore, a much faster option when traffic is congested.

In addition to traditional ojek, you can also find ojek online a sort of motorcycle taxi that operates under start-up transport services. Gojek and Grab Bike have developed an organized ojek network that allows you to order an ojek from your phone. Ojek transportation is budget-friendly.