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At UIII, strengthening academic research culture is a top priority. To turn the UIII into an Islamic higher education institution with an international reputation, the UIII seeks to develop a center of excellence in studies and research associated with Islam and the Muslim society, and is able to address the society’s real needs and challenges.

Prof. Noorhaidi Hasan, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., (Dean)

Dr. Yanwar Pribadi, M.A., (Secretary of Faculty)

Syamsul Rijal, Ph.D., (Head of Doctoral Program)

Zezen Zaenal Muttaqin, S.J.D, (Head of the Master's Program)

Haula Noor, Ph.D., (Secretary of the Doctoral Program)

Bhirawa Anoraga, Ph.D., (Secretary of the Master's Program)

Fuad Jabali, Ph.D., (Lecturer)

Dr. Phil. Syafiq Hasyim, MA, (Lecturer and the Director of the UIII Central Library)

Dr. M. Ilyas Marwal, (Lecturer)

Farid F. Saenong, Ph.D., (Lecturer)

Philips Vermonte, Ph.D., (Dean)

Djayadi Hanan, Ph.D., (Head of Doctoral Program)

Sirojuddin Arif, Ph.D., (Head of Master's Program)

Prof. Jamhari, Ph.D, (Lecturer and Vice-Rector for Research, Cooperation and Community Services)

M. Rifqi Muna, Ph.D., (Lecturer and Head of Academic Senate)

Afrimadona, Ph.D., (Lecturer)

Prof. Dian Masyita, Ph.D, (Dean)

Fajar B. Hirawan, Ph.D, (Head of Doctoral Program)

M. Luthfi Hamidi, Ph.D, (Head of Master Program)

Dadang Muljawan, Ph.D, (Lecturer and Vice-Rector of the Panning, Finance, and Business Development)

Harun Harun, Ph.D, (Lecturer)

Aimatul Yumma, Ph.D, (Lecturer)

Herbert Wibert Victor Hasadungan, Ph.D, (Lecturer)

Teguh Yudo Wicaksono, Ph.D, (Lecturer)

Prof. Nina Nurmila, Ph.D, (Dean)

Bambang Sumintono, Ph.D, (Head of Doctoral Program)

Tati Lathipatud Durriyah, Ph.D, (Head of Master Program)

Bahrul Hayat, Ph.D, (Lecturer and Vice-Rector for Academic, Student Affairs, and Human Resource)

Charyna Ayu Rizkyanti, Ph.D, (Lecturer)

Dr. Destina Wahyu Winarti, (Lecturer)

Dr. Lukman Nul Hakim, (Lecturer)

Didin Syafruddin, Ph.D, (Lecturer)

R. Alpha Amirrachman, M.Phil., Ph.D, (Lecturer)