Staff Opportunities

Looking for a career at UIII? If you are interested in working with us, please review all the open positions that are available below. You will be able to check out the requirements and qualifications for each career opportunity.


  • UIII is not responsible for any scam involving a third party claiming to be a delegate from UIII. Our recruitment team will only contact you using  for further communication. The UIII Hiring Process does not charge any fee.
  • The information that UIII will retain through the submission of documents from this form is solely intended for the recruitment process of UIII. You are responsible for the personal information that you are required to submit through these instances.
  • Applicants will be automatically terminated if they do not send all the required documents or send the wrong documents while applying for a position at UIII.
  • Please use the form at the bottom of the page to apply for a career opportunity.
  • Once we have a sufficient number of applicants for a position, we will close the job position.
  • Make sure you have carefully reviewed our Hiring Process to avoid any misinformation.

General Qualifications

The general qualifications for every applicant to be eligible to work as an employee at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia are as follows:

  1. Virtuous; having integrity.
  2. Never been sentenced to imprisonment based on a court decision already with permanent legal force for committing a crime with a prison sentence of 2 (two) years or more.
  3. Not a candidate for civil servants (CPNS), work as a civil servant (PNS), soldier of the Indonesian National Army, or member of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. Not active as a member or administrator of a political party or engaged in practical politics.
  5. Educational qualifications by the requirements of the position.
  6. Having all other requirements according to the position's needs that have been determined.

Required Documents

To ensure your application runs smoothly, please make sure you have prepared the following documents in their e-form (softcopy):

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  2. Application Letter;
  3. Copy of National Identification Card (KTP);
  4. The legalized degree of prior education and Academic Transcripts;
  5. English/Arabic Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL, TOAFL, or IELTS, the test is taken at least two years prior maximum, for relevant positions);
  6. A 4 x 6 cm Passport Photo with a bright background.

Opening Position

There are numerous positions available:

  1. Analis Sistem Informasi dan Jaringan (Programmer) pada Pusat Teknologi Informasi
  2. Perancang Grafis
  3. Akuntansi dan Pelaporan
  4. Penyusun Bahan Publikasi
  5. Analis Tata Usaha Fakultas Ilmu Sosial

Once you have all the documents prepared, you will submit them through the Online Form we provided. Click the "Apply Here" button below to apply for a position.