UIII Annual Report

UIII Annual Report

This UIII Annual Report was prepared as a form of accountability for the realization of the UIII work plan, which also reflects the achievements and performance of the organization in that year. We need to underline that this report is more than just fulfilling obligations in a large organization's proper administration. Still, this report is presented as an effort to realize open and governed governance. Even though UIII is relatively young, UIII feels the need to start and get used to the tradition of good governance to build a transparent, responsible, and authoritative academic environment. Although reports like this are commonplace on campuses, in Ministries or Institutions, this UIII Annual Report has its meaning because several strategic agendas that have been proclaimed can be carried out correctly.

Compiled collaboratively by all work units, this report includes seven sections which, in outline, can represent the achievements of UIII's operational performance, namely:

  1. Academic, Student Affairs, and HR;
  2. Cooperation, Research, and Community Engagement;
  3. Planning, Finance, and Business Development;
  4. Secretariat, OKH (Organization, Personnel, and Law), and General Affair;
  5. Information Technology;
  6. Central Library dan Cultural; and
  7. Building and Infrastructure Development and Meubelair Fulfillment.

With a big vision to create a better world through superior education and research, UIII again accepts students from Indonesia and friendly countries in the 2022/2023 Academic Year. By adding four doctoral study programs in 4 faculties and providing scholarships through various schemes, UIII is ready to produce competent scholars to advance science and technology and promote moderate Islam and Indonesian culture to the world community.

We hope this annual report can be used for the good of UIII in the future. No ivory is not cracked; we believe that in this report, there are several limitations, and we beg your pardon. We thank the cooperation of all parties involved in preparing this report.


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Laporan Tahunan UIII 2021



Laporan Tahunan UIII 2022