UIII and UIN SU Establish a Partnership

May 01, 2024

Contributor: Achmad Jatnika 

UIII, DEPOK - Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) and the State Islamic University of North Sumatera (UIN SU) established a collaboration partnership. The partnership is done with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing at UIII, Depok, on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

The Rector of UIN SU, Prof. Nurhayati, and the Rector of UIII, Prof. Jamhari, signed this MoU on this occasion. The two universities will collaborate in joint research, student exchange, guest lectures, and other programs.

Prof. Nurhayati said that UIII is one of the great universities in Indonesia; their internationalization is performing, even though it’s a new university. She said that it can be seen in their admissions that they choose quality over quantity. She also noted that UIN SU needs to know the lecturing method, UIII lecture research, and community engagement.

“UIII is already extraordinary. Even though it has only just been established, its internationalization has been recognized. This is proven by the number of student admissions, which reached 3.000 applicants, and only 300 students were accepted. This means not the quantity but the quality; that is what we want to study here; what about their learning? Then, we want collaboration regarding research from the lecturers here, including community engagement,” she said.

She also said collaboration with UIII will help UIN SU develop its accreditation. At the moment, UIN SU needs to elevate its accreditation to Excellent, and one of the assessments is international collaboration, including international guest lecturers. Currently, UIII has numerous international lectures that can help UIN SU to be their guest lecturer.

“For us, UIN SU, to bring in lecturers from abroad would require huge costs. With this collaboration, it is easier for us to determine the schedule. We can ask permission from the UIII Official for international lecturers to come to lecture on our campus, so this collaboration is significant for us,” she said.

At that moment, Prof. Jamhari said it was the right time to collaborate with higher education institutions, especially in Indonesia. He noted that UIII could be utilized with cooperation. “We have international students for internship programs, KKN, and others. We can hold various academic forums such as seminars, international conferences, etc. This is the era of collaboration, not competition,” he said.

Through this MoU, UIII and UIN SU officially work together to carry out various fields of civilization development.