Boosting Indonesia-Netherlands Cooperation: Minister of Foreign Affairs Visits UIII and Addresses Global Challenges

November 01, 2023

Contributors: Achmad Jatnika & Atia Adjani | Editor: Ari Stoltze

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, H.E. Hanke Bruins Slot, visited UIII on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. During the visit, she delivered a public lecture titled 'Boosting Indonesia-Netherlands Cooperation amidst a World in Turmoil' at UIII.

H.E. Hanke, who previously served as the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in the Fourth Rutte government, took the opportunity to speak to students from various countries studying at UIII.

During her speech, Minister Hanke Bruins Slot addressed several global issues, including climate change and the challenges of resolving conflicts not only in the Middle East but also in other parts of the world.

Within the context of climate change, Minister Hanke Bruins Slot shed light on the cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the fight against global warming. Emphasizing their mutual awareness of the threats posed by rising sea levels, she mentioned a significant event held in October 2023 called the "Renewable Energy and Climate Summit Indonesia-The Netherlands."

"Although our countries are far apart, we both understand very well the dangers of a rising sea level. And we understand each other. That's why the Netherlands and Indonesia are working together for a sustainable future. A future that also holds opportunities. By working together on climate and the environment, we are also creating jobs and a healthy living environment. Last month, we organized the Renewable Energy and Climate Summit here in Indonesia." She said.

Minister Hanke Bruins Slot highlighted that the summit is a pioneering concept that brings together diverse groups, each playing their own crucial role in the fight against climate change. As a result of this momentous event, several partnerships were formed, one of which was established with UIII.

"Together with several organizations, we’re starting a project aimed at giving young religious leaders and communities the tools they need to foster sustainable environmental development in Indonesia. And we want to encourage them to make Indonesia and the rest of our world greener," she said.

Moreover, numerous global challenges that require us to work together based on mutual understanding by looking at what unites us. And the most daunting task, however, lies in achieving a deep comprehension of one another.

"That’s why it’s incredibly valuable that you are here, from all parts of the world. Not only to better understand the world. But also to understand each other’s perspectives too." she stated.

At the same event, Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat, the Rector of UIII, expressed his delight at the presence of Minister Hanke Bruins Slot. He emphasized aligning his vision with the goal of enhancing cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia, particularly in promoting quality education to nurture our younger generation for a better world peace.

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Minister for this visit. I am aligned with your vision to strengthen cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia, particularly in promoting quality education to nurture our generations for better world peace." He said.

During a different event, H.E. Lambert Grijns, the Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia, emphasized the significance of Minister Hanke Bruins Slot's visit to UIII, viewing it as a testament to the strong collaboration between the Netherlands and Indonesia. The ambassador highlighted UIII's role as a university dedicated to promoting peaceful and moderate Islam, a pressing need in the current volatile state of the world.

"In Indonesia today's agenda, in the morning, we met the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Ibu Retno Marsudi, and then we went to see UIII because it's such a nice symbol of cooperation between countries. It's a university that promotes peaceful and moderate Islam. I think it's necessary for a world full of turmoil." He stated. During the event, Minister Hanke Bruins Slot engaged with students, taking the opportunity to have her photographs taken with them. Moreover, she utilized her visit to UIII as an opportunity to explore the campus buildings and pay a special visit to the UIII Central Library.

Importantly, Minister Hanke Bruins Slot's visit to UIII followed her prior visit to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she met with H.E. Retno Marsudi, the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs.