Exploring Collaborative Research: Dr. Maretha Dellarosa’s Insights at UIII

December 17, 2023

Contributor: Maroof Ahmed | Editor: Supriyono

UIII.AC.ID, DEPOK - The UIII’s Faculty of Education hosted on October 18, 2023, an engaging LunchTalk with Dr. Maretha Dellarosa, a distinguished Scholar in Residence at UIII and an alumnus of the US-Indonesia Scholarship Programs, where she delivered a presentation that delved into the intricate dynamics of collaborative research within contemporary and diverse academic landscapes.

Dr. Dellarosa's presentation shed light on the complex interplay of care, compassion, and collaboration in research settings, especially when working with diverse teams. Drawing from her extensive experience, she emphasized the importance of nurturing an environment where each member's unique perspectives and experiences are valued and leveraged to enrich the research process.

One of the highlights of her talk was the focus on the methodology of Scholarly Personal Narrative (SPN), a style of writing that combines storytelling, self-disclosure, and academic research. This approach, as Dr. Dellarosa noted, "allows the writer to communicate in a way that is accessible, creative, and realistically reflects the complexities of daily life and personal identity," fostering a deeper understanding and empathy among team members.

The talk also delved into the theoretical framework of interconnectivity, a concept that emphasizes the importance of building intentional relationships by examining both similarities and differences among team members. This framework is crucial for developing empathy, coalition-building, and transformative change, especially in a world grappling with multiple pandemics like COVID-19 and racial violence.

Dr. Dellarosa's reflections on her journey through the QualLab Graduate Student Board and the Research Apprenticeship Course at Ohio State University provided practical insights into implementing collaborative research. She highlighted the significance of "collaborative scholarly personal narratives" and the value of reflections in these settings.

The findings from her research underscored several critical themes, including the experiences of guilt, safety, and the importance of kinship within research groups. These themes highlight the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that arise when diverse individuals come together for a common research goal.

In her closing remarks, Dr. Dellarosa offered a compelling call to action for academic institutions. She urged them to create spaces, either online or offline, where graduate students with marginalized identities can explore their similarities and differences with authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy. Her insights serve as a model for graduate programs worldwide to co-construct research apprenticeships with students from various backgrounds, providing them with meaningful opportunities and support in their research endeavors.

Dr. Maretha Dellarosa's insights at UIII provided invaluable guidance for academic institutions and researchers worldwide, championing a more inclusive and empathetic approach to collaborative research. Her message resonates strongly in today's academic landscape, calling for a shift towards more compassionate and understanding research methodologies.